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In 1995, Manuel and his brother, Hilario, began a project that would eventually grow into the highly regarded roofing company that the Vail Valley knows today.

Our Services

Residential Roofing

Purchasing a new roof system can prove to be an important and advantageous investment. Before you spend your money, spend your time learning how to evaluate your next roofing company; you should insist on working with those that provide professional services. TCC wants to assist you in getting the results you expect and deserve- a quality roof system at a fair price.

Commercial Roofing

Through the use of high-performance materials and systems from credible manufacturers, TCC installs products at a cost effective rate. Optimum performance and a maximum life cycle is the goal that TCC strives for when completing your commercial projects.

Roofing Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance programs can significantly extend the life of your roof. Often times, this type of preventative maintenance is a cost effective alternative to a complete replacement project. To make an informed decision, TCC provides clients with free inspections and consultations.

Snow Removal

Often experienced in Colorado, heavy snow fall accumulation can severely affect roofs in the Vail Valley. TCC Roofing provides cost-effective and quality snow removal services.

Meet the team behind TCC Roofing

Manuel Torres


Hilario Torres

Vice President

Luis Landeros

General Manager

Eddie Leiva

Head Estimator